What to pack on safari?

Jan 20, 2020

What to pack on safari at Mvuradona Safari Lodge?

What to pack on your safari

What to pack on your safari

So you are finally ready for your safari! Now with the excitement high, you might just forget some of the important things to pack. Let me help you with a shortlist of what to pack on safari.

–  Warm clothing, as it can be cold on the open vehicle, especially during winter (long pants and a jacket). During the day it will warm up quite a bit so shorts will be fine during the day. Layer your clothing, as it is easier to manage.

– Sunglasses help for not just the bright sunlight but also for the wind in your eyes in the back of the safari vehicle.

– Safari hat or cap

– Swimwear, nothing cools you down like to quick swim in the pool.

– Sunblock

– Comfortable walking/running shoes if you want to take a stroll in the reserve or if you want to go for a jog.

– Malaria tablets

– Any additional medication you might need

– Camera with extra memory cards as well as the charger for the camera batteries

– Binoculars

– A good reading book

– Phone charger

– Passport

– Flight tickets

What not to bring on safari?

– Work, leave your work at the office/home.

So now you know what to pack for your safari, you better get packing as you don’t want to miss your flight…

See you soon.

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